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New Moon Enchantments

Several of my friends have brought up tonight’s new moon. It’s a special one. It’s a  Super New “Black Moon”. Sounds impressive, right? Really the whole “Super” thing just means it’s close to the earth, and the “Black Moon” thing because it’s the third new moon between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Who names this stuff?

Anyway –  magickally speaking this moon is rather special for you creative types. We all know that new moons are a great time to start new projects or enchant existing projects for success.  This particular new moon packs a wallop because it’s a moon in Pisces, giving it extra flair to help along those creative babies. If you’re a psychic medium and you’ve been feeling uneasy recently, this might also be why.  Any time a new or full moon enters a water sign, sensitive people really feel it. They can feel the emotions of others around them, causing them great distress if they are around people in distress. It can even cause bouts of paranoia along with manic creative episodes. So hang onto your hat and just go with the tide, despite how erratic that tide may be. It will all even out and it’s going to bring some great things with it provided you do something.

So – if you have some new projects you want to start or kick off – definitely shoot for tonight. I know that I’m doing some new moon enchantments.

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