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Execration Magick Workshop + More!

I am teaching a ton of online workshops, classes, and hosting a handful of online meditation sessions and a few online public rituals starting June 8th. All of this will be running until the end of the year. I am also doing another online seminar, webinar I guess, for SOMA (Society of Magical Artists) on August 23 about Daemonic Blood Magick. So I am going to be a busy, busy Hekau Lector Priestess for the rest of the year. Working out that schedule was a beast, believe me. We’re talking 3 workshops, 1 seminar, 3 rituals, 12 divination classes, and 6 meditation sessions. If you know how busy I am you know how challenging all of this was to work into my schedule. But I did it.

So, I am putting the links here on my personal blog, too, on the off chance my fellow practitioners or dear readers miss the announcement over at or over on the S. Connolly Facebook page.

The three workshops are Execration Magick (July 26), Daemonolatry Goetia, and Daemonolatry Necromancy. You can learn more HERE. Registration for the Execration workshop is open.

If you are interested in the divination classes or meditation sessions, check out THIS PAGE.

If you are interested in attending one of the live rituals you can find those HERE.

If you are interested in the SOMA Webinar, watch their Facebook Page (join it if you haven’t) or see their website and consider a paid membership because you get access to a video archive of past seminars when you do that. They host some of today’s most prominent magical teachers and authors. Sadly running all these webinars isn’t free. Between web hosting and software, it can get kinda spendy. Right now the people running the show are doing it out-of-pocket and investing huge chunks of personal time to make esoteric education available to thousands. So please consider getting a membership to help support their Great Work!

Please note all of my courses, seminars, etc.. are from a Daemonolatry perspective. I look forward to seeing many of you at some of these events!

Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at

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