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The Moon in Cancer

Moon-09.04.04Things kind of snap into place when the Moon falls into Cancer because the Moon is Cancer’s natural home. For the next few days it’s a good time to deal with things on the home front, and address emotional concerns.

Yes, it’s during a Mercury retrograde, but look – Mercury retrograde simply stifles communication and causes electronics to go wonky (more or less). There are some positives to a retrograde, too, like being able to finish up projects, refine things you’re working on, find lost things, and discover new information you didn’t have before. So enjoy the Moon in Cancer for now. Plan to spend some quality time at home.

At worst – you stand to be contacted by an old friend or an old flame.

I plan to use both the Mercury Retrograde and Moon in Cancer for some divination. It’s a perfect pairing to find out what’s going on behind the scenes near and far.  😉

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