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Planty Goodness

peppersjanuarySo today I realized I hadn’t done a blog update on all the plants. Some plants are doing great, others are cranky with me. Let’s start with the veggies. The lettuce has all been eaten. Believe it or not, two lettuce plants provided us with about four good sized salads. The tomatoes are just starting to flower. The bell pepper plants, however, have little baby peppers on them! Very excited about this. Tons of flowers, too. This is probably one of the best crops of indoor peppers I’ve ever had. ?????????????????.

The wormwood seems to be holding its own. On the other hand, the lemon balm seems to be barely holding on. I need to do a little research and see what I’m doing wrong with the lemon balm. Perhaps too much water?  I’ll have to check into that. Do a little research and reading.  I’ve been foliar feeding them with fish emulsion, too.

?????????????????????????.In other news, Dwight the Mandrake has some yellowing leaves and I think it might be due to my experiment. See, I stuck a Miracle Grow Plant Food Spike in the soil. I don’t think Dwight likes it. So, I removed it, and am continuing to do foliar feedings.  🙁   The reason I stuck it in there to begin with was because he wasn’t really experiencing any new growth. ?????????????????????????????

The carny plants seem to not be doing very well. I am going to replace their grown lamp. See if that helps.  The fact that I’ve kept them alive for a year now is better than nothing I suppose. They’re very picky. They simply get the purified (by reverse osmosis) drinking water and nothing else.

That’s about it for this update. It always amazes me how much these plants change from month-to-month. So far the mandrake seems to be very resilient. It has taken a lot of abuse. One month something will happen and he’ll look sickly, and the next month he’ll be healthy (after I fix the issue).  It just occurred to me as I write this that perhaps Dwight was experiencing some shock after re-potting. Maybe that’s why he started looking a bit “meh”.  Then me adding the plant spike increased the “meh”.  We’ll see what happens next. If he continues going downhill I’ll have to try another approach.  Maybe I’m watering too much? I’ve been trying to let him dry out between watering. About every three days or so.

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