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Back to School

Perhaps one of the most insane things I did in 2012 was enroll myself in some college courses for 2013. I haven’t been enrolled in a college course since 1995, so this should be interesting. At the end of this month I begin two courses in online education (fundamentals and practical design and application) and one in plant propagation, which I mentioned earlier.

So from the end of January through March I should be a very busy girl.  I’m also taking a nutrition class in April, and a Modern European Mysticism course later this year (don’t know when that one starts yet).  Most of it’s for my own edification.  There is a good reason for all of this.  First, I am going to be teaching some online courses later this year and I needed some insight and instruction on how to do this in the most effective manner possible and the education courses should help me in that department. It’s been a few years since I’ve taken a teacher education class. I need the refresher.

The plant propagation course, on the other hand, is part personal interest (I love plants and have wanted to learn  certain propagation techniques for many years) and part research for a project I’m working on.  Ultimately it satisfies the “mad scientist” in me and my want to create my own hybrids.  The gardeners among you will “get it”.

So when was the last time you were in school?

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  • Martin

    The universe works in strange ways. LOL.

    I’ve recently come to the decision that I am going to go to school to pursue a couple different degrees. My goal is to have three degrees within the next 10 years. I plan to attend an international school to pursue a B.S. in liberal arts, followed by a M.A. in creative fiction, which will all be preceded (most likely) by a B.S. in political science from a school that is connected to aforementioned international school. The last few weeks have been a “searching” time for me I guess you could say, and I finally came to the conclusion that many of the side projects and “aspirations” I have are really driving me away from what my life’s calling has been (I believe) since I was young, which is writing. Focusing on that calling meant, in my mind, rounding out my education and honing my writing abilities to a more professional level.

    Going to school is also one of the easiest way to get abroad and it’s also been one of my dreams to live in this particular country since I was small, so it was kind of a two birds with one stone kinda deal. Pursuing two degrees(a four year, and a one year) was a good way to maximize my time over there. 😀

    I also would really like to get into some kind of formal Demonolatry apprenticeship sometime within the next two years, for more reasons than I care to list here. LOL. If you know any Masters in the market, hook a bro up!

  • Steph

    Must be the time of year for it! 🙂 How exciting – to study abroad. I hope it all works out for you. I’m sure it will.

    I’ll definitely let you know if I hear of any Master’s looking for apprentices. 🙂 lol

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