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Late August Update

Hello everyone in the blogosphere.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to meet me, I’m Frank F. Domovoi, assistant to the author. If you’ve written the author chances are you’ve gotten a response from me first. Since Ms. Connolly doesn’t have time to give an update on the blog, I thought I would give everyone a heads-up as to what is going on.

Keys of Ocat

Keys of Ocat was sent to the publisher at Nephilim Press at the beginning of the month. Since then the publisher has announced that there will not be pre-orders on this title, but that it should be available by October 1, 2012. You will have to buy your copies directly from Nephilim Press. Ms. Connolly will NOT have copies to sell. They will also NOT be sold through Official Melissa or DB Publishing because neither of those publishers is affiliated with Nephilim Press. If you have any questions about Keys of Ocat, you can direct them directly to Nephilim Press. Thank you.


Ms. O’Connell is still working on the novel with her editor. I do know this : Midnight Fantasy Press has said the book is slated for publication NO LATER THAN September 14 2012. When I asked about the release of Her Demon Lover I was told the release date for that book is to be determined in October.

Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments here and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you.

Frank F. Domovoi, Assistant to the Author

Frank is a part-time assistant to Ms. Connolly-Reisner. When he's not wrangling email, scheduling deadlines, or coordinating marketing or to-do lists, he volunteers at the local food bank and helps maintain the website for a religious organization.

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