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You Want Internet Privacy? Leave.

I have been reading over and over again people posting notices on their Facebook pages stating something to the effect of:

PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning – any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other “picture” art posted on my profile.

You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee , agent , student or any personnel under your direction or control.

The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.

First, let me share my view of this — anything you put on the web CAN and WILL be used against you. Posting notices like this does NOTHING. If you don’t want people knowing your personal business — don’t post it on the Internet. Period.

It amazes me that in this “My life is an open web page” culture we live in that people are actually concerned about privacy. The particular person who posted this on his profile not only has all his posts set to PUBLIC, but he regularly talks about his sex life (as in TMI), tells all about his life (including drama with others) and supports child porn. Yeah – that’s nice.  And he really thinks a little notice like that protects his privacy? I’m sorry folks. You waive your right to privacy the second you post your crap online. You waive your privacy the second you make your FB wall PUBLIC.

I’ve also known quite a few people lately who’ve been fired over crap posted on their Facebook. If your boss can see it – it can be and will be used against you. Especially if you talk smack about your co-workers or share where you work and constantly talk about your butt-plug collection, when you use them and how. Hey — I know people who really do this. Look – you want to save your job and keep personal and business separate? Keep one FB professional for your co-workers, bosses, and great aunt Martha and keep a separate profile for your fetish friends so you can share your sex life and drama bullshit. And on the latter profile — use a pseudonym and don’t make it public unless you really have no want for privacy.

The second you invite someone to your “private” page is the second you waive your “privacy”. So before you post silly, nonsensical Privacy Warnings, be honest with yourself. If there is ANYTHING about you that you don’t want the government, your boss, or anyone else knowing about you — you should probably keep it off the Internet to begin with.

Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at swordarkeereon@gmail.com


  • Morgan Eckstein

    Having spend my high school years in a small town (Brush, Colorado), I just presume everyone knows what I am up to…what is the FBI going to do–arrest me for posting too many cat pictures while talking about being a witch?

    • Steph

      That’s kind of how I see it. I sincerely doubt that people like you and I are on their radar. I think right now they’re far more concerned with anti-government activists, militia groups, and terrorists, not witches or magicians minding their own business. LOL! I’d be more worried about being on a LOCAL police watch list (which I have been on since the 90’s) than anything Federal. And the ONLY reason I’m on that list is because I’ve published books that have sold thousands of copies. Had I not written my books, I wouldn’t be on a watch list. You actually have to DO something to be put on a list. LOL

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