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Book Review: Occult Encyclopedia of Magic Squares

The Occult Encyclopedia of Magic Squares by Nineveh Shadrach is exactly what it says it is. A book of magick squares. Here’s the thing about this book — it’s a reference book for working magicians.  I don’t see it being useful for dabblers or those who have a mild curiosity. If you’re looking for something to teach you how to make or work with magick squares – this book isn’t it. You need to go someplace else to get that foundational knowledge. Once you have it – this book is a wonderful reference! I’ve particularly enjoyed working through (i.e. both studying and using) the squares of Cancer (my sun sign).

What amuses me is so many people bitch about how there aren’t any books for intermediate to advanced magick students out there.  Yet books like this crop up and these same people complain that books like this don’t handhold enough. Pick one! Clearly this book of magick squares was put together by someone who knows a magick square from a hole in the ground. Clearly a lot of the negative reviews of this book (the whole reason I decided to pick it up) were written by folks who have no clue what the book actually is or how to use it.

This book gives the math geek in me a geek-asm. It’s also super handy for sigil making (if you’re versed in how to make sigils from magick squares).  Now mind you that actual spirit name kamea (written in actual letters with numbered attributes) are more to my creative liking. However – there’s something to be said about numbers. They’re consistent.

I have to admit that I’m completely looking forward to volume II of this book.  I consider Volume I a reference magicians should have on their bookshelves. Is this book the beginning and end all of books about kamea? Probably not. Is it the most complete reference ever? Probably not (magic squares are a pretty broad topic).  But it will always have a place on my bookshelf.

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