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Life, Writing, Updates

In writing news I just received three new covers in e-mail today along with a brilliant proposal for another possible DB Publishing title.  Still working diligently on Into Darkness and we changed the name of the next OTS book from Darkness Rising to Risen Darkness. As it turns out there was another paranormal from another publisher coming out later this year with the ‘Darkness Rising’ title. Since OTS #3 isn’t scheduled for publication until sometime next year – we figured we should change the title.

In life news – our major home improvement project has been sent to the hoa board in hopes it will be approved by the covenants committee at tonight’s board meeting. Crossing my fingers! I think it’s going to be really pretty when it’s done.

In the garden the tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers are doing better than I ever imagined! One had blooms already. I pruned them off because the plant seemed too spindly to me. I’d rather it concentrate on stem and leaf growth right now instead of bloom growth. At least for the foreseeable future.

Not really looking forward to June or July. No, not because I turn 39 this month. That’s not it at all.  But rather it’s eclipse month and those of you into astrology know what that means! In this particular case it means rapid fire decision making. In my case – it could also mean both adversity or having to make a life-changing decision. On the upside of that I was told I’d do the right thing.  If I can remember to shut my mouth and let the other person go first, I should be okay. Not to mention this new trend of Uranus in Aries is going to catapult into something huge between now and 2018 (I have this influence in my house of career).  I have a suspicion I know what it is based on something that’s happened in the past few days. Or, it could be what Brad told me about. Aimee said something similar. So far Brad, Val and Aimee have been right on the money with their 2011 forecasts so I trust good things are coming my way.  I just need to traverse this eclipse obstacle first. I was told that if I remember back to June of 1992 I might be able to see the trend of things to come this month. I’ve been thinking about it. In 1992 I was in college. I think I had just moved in with my friend Kim. We rented a small farm house. TSL and TSG were at their height. I got a tattoo a few months later. My mom and I were going to the gym a lot. I think it might be fitness related. I think I was probably at my most fit in the early nineties and that has been on my mind a lot lately. So maybe this month I’ll either piss or get off the pot. Might as well enter my forties fit and fabulous! Right?


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