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For those who read my blog and didn’t know, I’m not only a writer, but I also perform readings for people.  I’ve always been intuitive ever since I was a girl and as I get older, my ability for it seems to be increasing. Either that or I’m just more in tune with it. Regardless, I actually have regular clients and people who recommend my readings to their friends.  So I thought I’d take my blog post today to tell everyone about the types of readings I do and offer my services to my blog readers, too.

I am different than a lot of readers in that I will “cold read” people and I’ll do it through e-mail (not many readers will do this).  A lot of readers won’t do cold-reads because it can be really tough reading for someone without some connection to them (or without knowing their question or back story). That’s why a lot of readers will only do readings over the phone or in person.  Why will I cold-read people? Quite frankly I’m pretty good at it (sorry to brag, but it’s true). I’ve been reading for people since I was sixteen years old (about 23 years now). Have I ever been wrong about something?  I’m sure I have been, but I’ve never been so far off that I’ve had a client come back and bitch me out. I get a lot of repeat clients and a lot of e-mails from clients who were amazed at my accuracy.  You have to kind of understand how my ability works (and not all seers’ abilities work like mine do). For example – I foresaw the recent tornadoes. The problem is that my ability is not always up front or direct. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20. Take a look back to my post dated 05/22/11 “Eye of the Tornado” — the song Tornado of Souls kept running through my brain, I was inspired to post that, and the tornadoes kept coming (and the song in my head wouldn’t go away).  Three days before the Tsunami hit Japan I felt a strong urge to post my poem “An Ode to the Black Ocean” (about a Tsunami) to my blog here.  So I often get clairvoyant (visions) and clairaudient (sounds) and I’m not always sure how to interpret them. This means that sometimes what doesn’t make sense to me makes perfect sense to my clients. On the flip side of that – sometimes the messages I get are strong and clear – even outright direct. I predicted a friends’ business partner would steal money from her (was dead on), that another friend would go into business with a cousin and it would fail (dead on), and I found another friend’s grandmother  (who was taking care of a sick friend and that’s why no one could get ahold of her) (dead on). Those were all very strong and direct messages without any of the dubious visions or auditory clues I often get. So it really depends on what I’m picking up. And truthfully – the kind of day I’m having can also dictate how strong the messages are. If I’m really tired or have had a bad day or have a lot on my mind – I have a harder time getting up front messages. This is why I do readings on Thursdays and Sundays. Both low key days for me. If one day doesn’t work – I’ll hold off and perform the reading at another time.

OVER THE INTERNET TAROT READINGS: For tarot readings I charge $25.  You don’t have to even ask me a specific question if you don’t want to. I’ve found the cards often reveal what’s important at the moment anyway (sometimes what’s important isn’t what *you* think is important).  $25.00

If you are local – I can be booked for your bridal shower, birthday party, or family reunion (or other types of events). Usually I charge $100 per hour and can usually do between 4-5 readings per hour. If this is a charity event you can charge as much as you want per reading and I will happily work for $50 an hour to give you the best possible opportunity to raise money. If I champion your cause, I may be willing to work for free for a few hours. So email me and ask.

DAEMON READINGS: I will consult with my Daemon guides (divine intelligences, not devils!) to offer insight into any situation or to impart messages to you from the divine intelligence. This takes considerably more out of me. It can be exhausting and even imbalancing to connect with the Divine, even for short periods of time.  $100.00

NATAL CHART MAGICKAL MARKER READING:  I  read natal charts for magickal markers. Let me explain this a little. Basically – I can do general natal chart readings – but so can at least 5 free programs on the internet. So if you want a general natal chart reading I’m not the person you’d come to. What I actually do is go through a person’s natal chart to find their strengths and areas of potential when it comes to magick and psychic ability. So the natal readings I do are VERY specific to that. This type of reading would be worthless to anyone who isn’t a practicing witch, magician, sorcerer, magus or whatever label you might choose for yourself. $50.00

SKYPE READINGS:  Use the following link to CONTACT ME and I’ll get back with you. These readings are $100 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

OTHER STUFF: A lot of people have asked if I will do necromantic work for them (communicating with deceased relatives) and the answer there is – I can, but I don’t offer that as an over-the-Internet-through-email thing. I have never tried it over the phone.  It just doesn’t work that way for me because I often need a connection to the deceased to get a clear reading. That often means having the person I’m reading for in front of me. Of course all readings glean stronger results when the person you’re reading for is sitting right in front of you.  A lot of people have also asked if I do magickal work for people. The answer there is yes, and some of it I’ll do for free (healing mostly).  I am one of those people who believes magick is stronger if the person needing the help does the magick themselves.  I  can offer advice on magick. I can even score you the materials and give you the instructions (for cost of materials + shipping). I will perform certain types of magick for people for a price. Contact me and we can discuss it. That’s priced on a situation by situation basis.

I do blocks of readings twice a week (usually Thursdays and Sundays). Sometimes I get back-logged but at the moment I’m clear.

Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at


  • Andrew

    Greetings my Lady,

    I recently learned about you because I bought your book, Demonolatry Goetia.
    As you might imagine, it completely changed what I thought I knew up to this moment. I was wondering, pherhaps, if there is a forum, or an email address where I can post some questions I have.

    Thank you very much, Andrew

  • Steph

    Andrew, the forum at is a wonderful place to get your questions answered by practicing Demonolaters. If your questions are very specific and can’t be answered by reading The Complete Book of Demonolatry I’d be happy to answer questions. Use the Contact page on this site to get ahold of me (if you want).

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