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Perfecting Plots

I’ve actually be writing a pretty good clip the last few days. I put together another 1500 words on IT (great plot stuff), as well as more on MNE.  There’s an unedited excerpt of MNE up on this blog somewhere. The password, of course, being IAMOVER18. Remember “unedited”.   🙂  Enjoy. For those who read it initially – I deleted the old excerpt and put up a different one. Sneaky, eh?

It’s been a long week already and it’s only Tuesday. Right now I’m hard at work managing plots and working through some story complexities in OTS that have required me to step back and rethink. So this is the rewrite/edit phase and I think it’s going rather well. I do my best work during revision. I always have. Getting the initial story out (the bones) is generally the easy part so long as I turn my internal editor off.  I turn on the internal editor during the revision process and that’s where the magic happens.

Now, off to consider more hows, whys, and whodunits.  Meanwhile, the plot for Switched has taken a really interesting turn and I’m really excited about Kali’s secret (you’ll never guess it). Brad really has no idea and what he finds out is going to floor him and Eric and Amy. I’m thinking of doing an alternating (by chapter) third person POV for that particular novel so the reader can get both Brad’s POV and Kali’s.  See – I actually do think about these things. Crafting stories isn’t something I undertake haphazardly (usually).  I do consider craft even when it’s experimental and even in those instances where it doesn’t quite work in the way I expected it to. 🙂

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