Monday, Monday

That 1966 song by The Mamas and the Papas is running through my brain. Heh.  And yes, I had to look it up – I’m not *that* old, that was about six years before my time.

Anyway, enough of that. I didn’t post yesterday because I had a lot of fun stuff to do with the garden and I had to clean up the carpets. The cat fluff (we have two long haired cats) all over the carpets and the kitty hairball stains from just this past week are a sure sign that spring is here. Time to get the kitties shaved again. Yes – there are a lot of shaved pussy jokes there.  On that note – I love the SpotBot. That’s what saves our carpets (and my sanity).  ::sigh::

So I planted the peas and beans, moved the chives and coriander outside (planted more chives in that pot), planted a few hybrid tomato plants and some additional peppers, and put the calamus, belladonna, and nightshade into the seedling greenhouse. They just weren’t getting enough light inside.  In the meantime my little seedling babies had their water changed and got fed yesterday. The clones, so far, look okay.

I did get some writing done. Not as much as I wanted to, but something. I’m not complaining (it was around 1500 words total).

In other news I’m considering writing a FAQ to answer those very common questions I get a few times a week. Like:  Where can I find your books? Which of your books do you recommend? etc…  It will save me and readers time with any luck. Not that I don’t enjoy talking one-on-one with fans, I do. It just gets a little tedious having to type the same answers over and over again. 🙂 And yeah – I realize sometimes people only ask those questions just to start a conversation, but there are a lot of ways to start a conversation with me. I have a million and one interests and I’m always interested in hearing what my readers are interested in or doing. 🙂 Trust me – talking about myself all the time gets really OLD. There are literally days where I hide because I’m sick of talking about myself.  (Today is actually one of those days. I’d rather talk about pets and plants and find out what all of you are up to.)

Off to do data-entry. Yay! Day job goodness.

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