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You Know…

So I’m sitting here contemplating character motivations and consequences. When I walk into a story I have a general idea of what’s going to happen. But I’m not always sure how the story is going to evolve from the beginning to the end. Or how exactly things are going to happen. I may even know one or two of the main events within the story, but usually what happens does so organically. Sometimes the characters meander from scene to scene, sometimes they run. I’m just the director.

Right now I’m contemplating my antagonists in INTO DARKNESS. I don’t know them as well as I’d like. I like knowing the bad guys. I think the reader does, too. After all, bad guys are bad for a reason. Not to mention sometimes bad guys really aren’t bad, just misinformed and human. Though I think in this story one of the bad guys is just scared and the other is a certifiable lunatic. How they interact and the dynamics of that relationship should be interesting – especially since I’m playing with the anatomy of power exchange in this one.

In other news – I’ve accepted a challenge to write two shorts (stories) before June 21, 2011.  This should be fun. 🙂

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