Narcissus is, of course, the genus of plants that contains the common daffodil. There’s a reason I’ve called this post Narcissus. I’m considering moving my lovely daffodils to pots for a few seasons while we deconstruct the backyard.  The garden they’re in right now is coming out to make room for a new shed. The old shed is being taken out and raised garden beds are being installed around the deck. It’s going to look cool when it’s finally done. 😉

Okay – Update on goal list:

  • 2000 Words – GW
  • 1000 Words – Ella project #1

Not a lot, but it’s been a busy week at the day job and on the home front.

In the news – hooray Obama for showing us that you really do have some balls. At the same time, I still think all you politicians are out of touch with reality and anyone who makes less than $1M a year.  Just sayin’.  Cutting education is cutting off our own foot. Mark my words. Let’s raise taxes on those who make more than $200K a year (and I say that coming from a household that likely will make that kind of money this year). I don’t mind paying my share plus some if it means getting this country out of debt. I also don’t want to get rid of medicare or social security. I have aging parents who are going to need SS income and medicare in the next 20 years.  Hopefully my husband and I have done enough to secure our own retirements via IRA’s and investments (because I’m pretty sure social security and medicare won’t exist in 25-30 years when DH and I start getting ready to retire). Oh, and just my opinion, but I think infrastructure is kind of important, too. We don’t need bridges falling down and crushing people, or roads falling apart and tearing up our vehicles as a result. 

Blah, blah, blah. Listen to me ranting. I’ll shut up now.

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