So I did manage to get the tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers all planted in the aerogarden on Monday. Had some issues re-setting my lights. So I started them at 9am this morning and I’ll let them run on their own time.  I took the plunge and ordered a free sample of some plant cloning gel. I’m going to try my hand at cloning something other than my houseplants (which are easy to clone – no gel required).  For sure we’re going to pick up the greenhouse this weekend. I don’t want them to run out of stock and I don’t care if the weather blows. I have shit to do and the sooner we get the greenhouse the more likely it will be up by September so I can move the tomatoes and veggies inside. I’d like to extend my growing season into October if I could. I’d also like to try some cold weather veggies late in the year. Should be interesting.

In the meantime I woke up this morning to find the basil wilting. I gave it some water and tonight I’ll give it some nutrient. See if it perks back up. I’ll be very disappointed if the basil dies out. I’ve never moved plants from a aeroponic garden to pots before. So I suspected something like this could happen. The plants are basically going from a water rich environment to soil. Interesting.

Right now I’m finding the magickal plant garden frustrating. Everything there germinates slowly. Either that or I planted the seeds too deep. That’s the thing. Some plants are just harder to grow than others. It could also be that my light source just isn’t big enough. If all the magickal plants fail I’ll try again, maybe in the greenhouse where there’s more light. Our house doesn’t get a great deal of light because there’s a 2-3 foot overhang over all the windows except the window over the kitchen sink and right now the Basil is there. If it lives I’ll start hardening it off first week of May and clear up that counter space.

I started the Tezrian Plague Tincture earlier in the week. It starts Mars in a fire sign and will finish brewing on the same (which happens in September). It’s on the calendar so…

Next order of business is setting up my lab where the cats can’t get to it.  I’d like to start with some lavender essential oil. I need to grow another lavender plant. The question is do I buy it or try to grow from seed? Hrmm. With the luck I’ve had with seeds as of late, I wonder. But then maybe I’m being impatient.

I say again, it’s not just a garden — it’s an adventure folks!

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