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I’ve been hearing a great deal how we’re losing our bees and if we lose the bees, we lose a large portion of our sustainable food crops (technically we could lose something crazy like 85% of plant life which could destroy both humans and animals). This, in turn, could lead to mass starvation (of humans and animals). This, of course, has me thinking about what I can do, personally, to help bees and the environment aside from merely signing a petition. After all – we each can make a difference if everyone puts forth some effort, right? ::shrug:: I did some research, I’ve learned the best things each of us can do to help the bees starts in our own gardens. First – by planting wildflowers, flowering herbs, and veggies- you’re helping bees by providing them with the proper nutrition they need to survive and spawn the next generation.  Second – by not using pesticide in that garden – you’re keeping the pesticides from killing the bees. There are plenty of natural deterrents to tomato worms and aphids and other common garden pests. One of the common ways to do this is to plant natural pest repelling flowers and herbs amongst your food plants.  A little research can give you some great ideas on organic pest control methods. For a home garden (trust me) pest control is pretty easy to do naturally if you’re willing to do the research and take advice from master gardeners (who know this stuff).  Also – you don’t need a plot of land to garden! You can still grow flowers and vegetables in pots on a patio or balcony! I have a friend who regularly grows food plants (tomatoes, potatoes, berries, etc…) on his apartment balcony – in pots.

Not to mention food prices are going up (due to the cost of fuel rising and crop loss due to extreme weather due to global warming) so maybe growing a few veggies you buy often is not such a bad idea anyway. Tomatoes are really easy to grow and pretty hardy, after all. They also grow well in pots. Bush beans and peas also do well in pots (hint, hint).

All of this makes me realize my husband and I are smart to put in the greenhouse and I’ve been doing the right thing all these years when it comes to the garden. I’ve never had an issue of my garden never being pollinated even though one year I did hand pollinate all of my tomatoes (because I wanted to learn how) and had an awesome crop that year (though I saw bees out there having a bee old time with the tomato flowers). 

This year I’m even considering putting in rainwater barrels to try to collect as much water as I can to help water the garden. In a mountain desert, that is probably a smart thing to do anyway. 

Recap on how to help bees:

  • Grow an organic food garden (herbs + veggies) without pesticides.
  • Plant flowers bees like. There’s a list HERE .
  • If you don’t have a backyard or you don’t want the hassle of pulling weeds in a garden – grow stuff in pots!

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