Late Tuesday Post

I think I’m going to start making my posts in the evenings unless I have something I’m dying to write about. The reason for this being I generally write posts at night anyway, then schedule them for the following morning. And since I didn’t write a post for this morning this is the perfect opportunity to get myself back on track.

So hope everyone has had a beautiful Tuesday! I got home tonight thinking I was going to go drop of my taxes and run some other errands, but I decided to change that plan. The taxes will hold until tomorrow or Thursday night. Not to mention I’m glad I waited because I completely forgot DH’s certifications! That’s a write off. Don’t wanna forget the write-offs. We need them. We’re especially going to need them next year. I really want to insist we write off the square footage in our home that we use for work. After all, DH telecommutes now and obviously I write at home. About now my tax twitch is going away. I have my ducks in a huddle and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hate February/March.  LOL!

So tonight I planted the Calamus root seeds. They were in cold strat for four weeks. I have to plant the Belladonna Saturday. I need more room next to the aerogarden, but I’m thinking I might be able to put the Mandrake over by the window since it needs indirect light and it can take up to six months (even a year) to germinate. I need a better spray bottle! I’m obsessed with the spray bottle! Ha!

Now back to writing. At the moment I think I can safely say I really love stuff in the Old English. How bizarre is that? Of course that was one of my favorite courses in College (we read Chaucer in the Old English). Anyway – have a great night and I’ll catch you all up tomorrow night. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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