Scrumtrulescent Saturday

Yes – I love that SNL skit. Will Ferrell cracks me up. He did a great James Lipton.

Having a wonderful day, especially after taking a peek at the astrological calendar. I often use astrology as a guide for what I do. I know that may sound strange to some since obviously astrology isn’t the beginning or end all of anything. But for plants and magickally speaking – it is kind of fun to plant according to the moon phase or to start making certain magickal mixtures during certain planetary alignments. Even modern farmers plant by the moon. So it’s really not all that odd.   Tuesday the calamus goes into the pot (great day for planting!) and next Saturday, night of the full Supermoon, the nightshade is slated to go into the pot.  Today I had to raise the lights for the Basil because they’re getting huge. They will definitely be ready to go into pots by the end of the month.  Tomorrow should be a wonderful day for working with the plants as well. Not to mention the moon is in Cancer in the morning – so it’s going to be a great day for me. (I’m a Cancerian so moon magick has always been a win-win for me).

Let’s see what else is going on — worked on some writing this morning. We were going to do brunch with M & J, but they had a family emergency so we rescheduled.  Hubby and I should get out of the house today though.  Maybe we’ll go do dinner tonight.  Indian or Tai? Hmm. On that note not much else going on. It’s been a relatively lazy start to a long, luxurious weekend. ::sigh::

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