What a Week for News!

Wow. It’s been one heck of a week for news, hasn’t it?  Fascinating how the Republicans have managed to piss off the working class in one fail swoop. Between union busting in Wisconsin and giving themselves the right to dissolve the entire towns in Michigan (and appoint a dictator – er, a coordinator, um, yeah) I think people are going to start getting off their bums to stand up for themselves. We’ve been placid for too long people. We’ve allowed too many people get away with too much without holding them accountable – from corporate fat cats to Wall Street, to politicians. ::rolls eyes:: We Americans really aren’t lazy. It’s just we’re only motivated when it actually, directly effects us. And why is Sarah Palin still in the news? Village idiot entertainment? I’m thinking of writing a pornographic fan-fic…::wink::

Alas -we musn’t forget Charlie Sheen with his tiger blood and Adonis DNA. He’s the Sheen-iest. When people in Hollywood go crazy – they don’t do it small. Go Charlie – go!  If you’re going to exit stage left – might as well go out big I say.

It should be interesting to see what Wisconsin and Michigan do in the next few days. Writers get a boner for stuff like this. It’s just another opportunity for us to sit back and people watch. Make me proud, people. Do something unique and interesting here… 

I don’t normally talk politics on this blog unless it’s something I feel strongly about. So people know – I’m on the center left politically speaking. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-Republican or pro-Democrat. I’m actually registered Independent.  I vote for whoever I think can do the job. Right now the right extremism in this country is getting kinda scary. Just sayin’…

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