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There are bound to be more posts during my research and thinking phase rather than the doing phase of the actual garden. I need to grab about 4-6 twenty-five gallon buckets. Here’s the thing, in the last seven years I’ve been successfully growing tomatoes etc… in five gallon pots.  I’ve even gotten some great crops out of them, but I suspect I can do even better with bigger pots.  I think I’m going to stay away from the indeterminate tomato plant I have seeds for this year (since I’m not putting them directly in the ground) and stick with the determinates (on the advice of a FB friend! I didn’t even know what that meant until he mentioned it).

I also did some research on Neem Oil (as a pesticide) and compost tea fertilizer last night. My cousin once told me she took an old fish from the freezer and planted it below her tomato plants and they went crazy.  I suppose I’d be worried they’d take on a fishy taste. Instead, I’ll stick with standard bone meal. Though I’ve heard powdered milk is handy in a pinch, too.  Admittedly in years past I’ve used Miracle Grow Tomato and Vegetable Food.

This year I want to kind of stay as organic as possible and see how the garden fairs and compare the taste of organically grown produce to the produce of years past.

Thought again about melons. My aunt had great luck growing cantaloupe in tire planters. I can’t seem to grow cantaloupe or watermelon to save my life.  Maybe once the backyard is done and I have some raised planters I’ll consider trying melons again.

I’m also considering trying some cucumbers again this year. In the ground I had a great crop one year. Then the following years – ugh. Tried them in pots once and managed to get two whole cukes from the plant. I’m going to try the pot again this year – inside the greenhouse. Of course certain seeds I’m considering just sowing directly into the soil, but maybe not. I really want more production from the beans and peas, cukes, tomatoes, and peppers from my garden this year and the way to do that is to extend the growing season, so starting them early is key. I will probably do radishes and beets, too (I always do and I have fabulous luck with them).

One experiment I’d like to try in the greenhouse are onions from seed.  I’ve had such bad luck there. I’ve also had miserable luck with garlic (my current garden area soil needs a lot of amendment and my garden plots before we started renovating the backyard were just this side of suck).  So maybe growing them in the greenhouse is an option. I’m willing to experiment.

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