Review: Doom With A View

Doom With A View (Psychic Eye Mystery #7) – by Victoria Laurie

This series of books is about a professional psychic named Abigail Cooper who keeps ending up in the middle of murder mysteries. In the early books she was a lone wolf. Now that we’re at book 7, she has a sidekick friend who’s a PI and her cop turned FBI boyfriend. She’s also closed her private business (as a psychic reader) in favor of working as an FBI consultant. On that note (SPOILER ALERT) at the end of this book she and Dutch (the boyfriend) are moving to Texas because he’s being transfered down there. Chances are the sidekick PI is going, too, since she has the hots for Harrison (another FBI agent) and has property there. So Abby has been offered a consulting position with the FBI at this point. Oh – and I guess the old handyman (Dave, I think his name was if memory serves) is living there already, too! That does seem a little convenient. We’ll see. Really — you have to read the whole series.

While I have been loving this series (they really are light, fun paranormal mysteries that aren’t too over the top), I really had a hard time getting into this one. Perhaps it’s because the story is a bit more tedious without any real edge of your seat clues until around the end. Mostly this book is about Abby (the main character) and Harrison (a secondary character in this book) and the friction between them caused by belief vs. non-belief. I am debating waiting to start book eight just to give myself a rest from Abby and the gang. My hope is this was just a bump in the road or that I was just getting tired of the books considering I just started reading them at the beginning of the summer and I read through the previous books one-after-another at a pretty good clip. Of course also being an author I completely understand how hard it is to keep the momentum going with a series of books. I hope this one doesn’t fizzle out like Charlaine Harris did. Sometimes 6-7 books is enough – that’s usually where series’ start losing me because they kinda start losing the author, too.

Doom with a View (Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 7)

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