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Ptah Complete

I am finally finished with Ptah and moving to the Thoth/Tahuti Rite (LoKIR). I still need some more prep time.

I have to make an observation about the PoP rite first. I finally feel like I’ve tapped my internal creativity. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels being as prolific as I have been. It’s almost as if my writerly wings have opened for the first time and finally I know what it’s like to truly explore my creativity freely. I haven’t had a block in months.

I have had bouts of exhaustion though, and I wonder if that’s a side effect of PoP.  But they don’t usually last too long.

Formatting Kasdeya right now. Might not be out until the end of August, early September. I’m going to do my best for end of August. I don’t think people realize how much work actually goes into putting out a book that looks and feels professionally produced.

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