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Lord of Khemenu – Thoth.

So I spent a great deal of time thinking about my upcoming LoKIR (Lord of Khemenu Initiatory Rite — which I’m not going to spell out each time – LOL)and it has made me realize this is going to be another process for me and I’m going to have to do it in steps in much the same way like Abramelin or Kasdeya take you through a process of steps. Each step is ascended at our own pace. Sure, the ritual looks simple on paper. It looks a lot different from the perspective of my “feelings”.

Thoth has made me open my mind. Yesterday I was thinking of all the things I am intolerant of re: magick. One of them being pacts.

ALWAYS when people come to me wanting me to show them how to make a pact it’s something stupid like, “I will give Satan my soul if he gives me power, money, and women.” Dr. Faustus anyone?

LOL! So I suppose we can clearly see where my bias against the idea of pacts comes from.

No one ever comes to me with a sane proposal like, “I’d like to make a pact with the Daemonic Divine and myself that I’m going to quit smoking.” Or, “I want to make a pact with my Internal Asmodeus to be more open to my wife’s sexual desires.” In these latter examples – a pact doesn’t seem as silly or stupid. Certainly less enraging.

Just some thoughts as I’m considering how, exactly, I’m going to start my path toward Khemenu.

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  • Angj

    What an interesting observation. btw, loved the new videos. Very direct and without being mean. You have so much tact and grace. Great job.

    If you want to talk about the process of the initiatory rite call me on my cell or send e-mail. Gavin said he's also available.

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