Another Dream of Note

Wanted to note another Dream just for the sake of sharing it with friends. I am pretty sure I know what it means. Add this to the prophetic pile because I had this the weekend after the SS incident.

I am standing in some sort of Voudon shop. The dream opens with this little black kid running into the shop from the field with the severed finger. He hands it to me. The old black man behind the counter of the shop said, “Give it here, [you should] use it for protection.” He takes a pot of soil from the counter behind him. I hand him the severed finger (which is almost black), which he then buries in the pot. Then he pulls out “moon flower” bulbs and begins planting them in the soil. Finally, he hands the pot back to me. I’ve also taken a book (about Voodoo I’m pretty sure) off the shelf and he tells me to take it. I remember looking up and seeing the sky. The shop was really bright and had sky lights. It was more like an apothecary/greenhouse.

That’s when the psychic woman came up to me and said, “You’ve been involved [in the occult] since you were twelve!” and backed away from me as if I’d just sprouted a second head.

For my friends who read this – I know how I see this dream and have already interpreted it and warned the effected parties. I’m betting you have some ideas about it, too. Feel free to e-mail or PM me about your thoughts on the matter.

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