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Magick & The Natural Order of Things

Currently contemplating the relationship between Sia, Hu, Ma’at, and Heka and how it all works together.

This brings up two very pointed lines of questioning:

1. While words are spoken – do they become more concrete when written? Is the written word more sacred? Or do the spoken and written have similar properties power wise? Perhaps different situations warrant the written word whereas others warrant spoken word? Then there are combinations of both written and spoken with which most magick is performed – but often one or the other (or both) are hastily performed. With the spoken word you have the vibrational/tonal/frequency qualities as well. And with the written word you have a deeper contemplation. Each of these provided the magician takes into account and remains mindful of all the different properties of both acts during their planning AND performance. Must experiment with this to see what those differences (if any) are.

2. All actions must be guided by the natural laws of Ma’at. Bringing to light Set causes Horus, Horus Redeems Set. Is this an illustration of Ma’at at work? How does Ma’at come into it with regard to execration magicks? I feel like I’m missing something here – but am on the verge of a revelation. One that will take away that ever-present block in the strength and intensity of the workes I send into the universe. If I’m right – this could have a profound effect on my magickal results in workings from here on out. This will require more refinement in my thought process and thinking — then I need to outline it, form a hypothesis, find a method for testing, and perform the required tests to see if I’m really onto something, or not.

Yes, I suppose this is about ethics to some degree. Or perhaps it’s more about working WITHIN the natural order of things instead of against them. Once again, you can swim against the tides of Da’ath, or go with them and see where they lead. This could be another piece of my own great work.

About this time someone is going to come along and say – yeah, I read all that in a book. Or even, I wrote about that here… or I already knew that — why don’t you? Well knowing is one thing. Truly understanding is another. Each of us has to come to that understanding on our own. Sure – I can read what other magicians who DO understand it wrote. But in reading what they’ve written — I am merely taking their word for it and not really getting it myself, am I? To truly “get it” you have to live by it and incorporate it into your life in a meaningful and practical way. You have to “experience” Ma’at in order to truly appreciate and understand why, how, etc… I’ve already read the books and numerous essays by other magicians. Now – it’s that experience I’m seeking.

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