Overview – Romance, Epic Fantasy, PG13

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Sorcerers’ Twilight (Fantasy) Includes Left Horse Black, Warrior’s Blood Red, and Eagle’s Talon Gray

Tribes of Tara – (Contemporary Romance) Includes Saving Sarah May, Emily Ever After, and Keeping Kate.

unicorns war softlyThe Unicorns War Softly:  A collection of short stories (some previously published, some never seen before) by fantasy author S. J. Reisner. Included are The Elements of Warfare, Faith in Unicorns, and The Day Hell Froze Over. READ A FREE STORY

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grendels dragon

Grendel’s Dragon:  After Hrothgar kills Grendel’s mother, the young monster goes to the dragon. This short story tells the story of Grendel, from the point of view of the cheeky, oftentimes exasperated, dragon. This story is included in The Unicorn’s War Softly.

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  • Faith in Unicorns – first appeared in www.sciencefictionfantasyhorror.com , May 4, 2005  (Now available in The Unicorns War Softly short story collection)

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