Fiction, Deadlines, and Writing News #freefiction #reading #amwriting

Admittedly I am a few months behind on Home is Where the Haunt Is, and I may be a little late with the next installment of Tales from Black Lily (even though it’s been started).  But rest assured I will Continue reading Fiction, Deadlines, and Writing News #freefiction #reading #amwriting

When Life Requires Prioritization #scheduling #spoons

Recently it came to my attention that some folks have mistaken my dedication to my own work, and minding my own business, as not having the time to be bothered with participating in online occult discussions. While I don’t owe Continue reading When Life Requires Prioritization #scheduling #spoons

Thirteen Covens Audiobooks! #thirteencovens #audible

I’ve made it no secret that the audio books for Thirteen Covens are rolling out slowly. There are four already done with more on the way later this year! Since the Thirteen Covens are first being rolled out as individual novellas, Continue reading Thirteen Covens Audiobooks! #thirteencovens #audible

Biggest Writing Regret – #amwriting #writingadvice

I was talking to a fellow writer earlier today about what a long journey it can be to publication, and how we have to keep going even when things get tough, and it feels like building an audience for your Continue reading Biggest Writing Regret – #amwriting #writingadvice

Being Fearless and The Masks We Wear #befearless #writing #identity

I’ve been contemplating my #domagick post last month where I talked about being fearless and writing without fear. Intrepid writing I called it. Not only have I been actively working toward writing without fear, but it’s made me aware of just Continue reading Being Fearless and The Masks We Wear #befearless #writing #identity

When Inspiration Strikes #thirteencovens #writing #passion #LizTanner

Please note: This post may contain SPOILERS. Last night I spent two hours in ritual and meditation and when I finally decided to close it up, I was pumped. The full ramifications of The Great Work I’ve been doing for Continue reading When Inspiration Strikes #thirteencovens #writing #passion #LizTanner

Marketing Fiction is a Crap-Shoot #writerslife #amwriting

I occasionally have to post an article for my tribe (i.e. writers), and this blog entry is one of those articles. For writers who have been at this game awhile, you know that when it comes to marketing fiction, it Continue reading Marketing Fiction is a Crap-Shoot #writerslife #amwriting

Serial: Home is Where the Haunt Is [Part 1] (A Haunted Cottage Mystery)

Home is Where the Haunt Is – Part One  by Audrey Brice Soggy rain. Big, fat drops splattered onto his head and neck. At least his jacket was weather-proof. There wasn’t much of an overhang on the cottage so it Continue reading Serial: Home is Where the Haunt Is [Part 1] (A Haunted Cottage Mystery)

Happy 2017! #newyear

Welcome to 2017! I have a lot of great stuff planned for you all this year! For S. Connolly readers – watch this blog for the Daemonic Magick series of articles!  I may cross post a few to, but Continue reading Happy 2017! #newyear