A Week Off #amwriting #blogging

So one of the fabulous things about #DoMagick, is that it forces me to blog every day. That’s a good exercise in and of itself despite the fact that it takes time to blog. On the downside, I ended up Continue reading A Week Off #amwriting #blogging

Day 30: Not So Grande Finale #DoMagick

So yeah – this is it. And for the rest of the summer you won’t have to read my daily magick blog. Perhaps my monthly blogs will be more substantive. On the upside I feel things finally moving again. This Continue reading Day 30: Not So Grande Finale #DoMagick

Day 29: Dealing With Anxiety #DoMagick

So obviously, you can tell from reading past posts that I’ve been dealing with some anxiety here. A lot of it social anxiety. In one of my business groups on FB today, I shared my social anxiety with the group. Continue reading Day 29: Dealing With Anxiety #DoMagick