Truths About Self-Publishing #writing #indieauthor

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to run across another “old timer” who is under the erroneous assumption that traditionally published = better authors and better quality books. This antiquated idea is still perpetuated by those who make their living, Continue reading Truths About Self-Publishing #writing #indieauthor

Day 28: Meditation Challenge #DoMagick

Today I woke up a little late, my mind foggy, and my sinuses wobbly. I have a slight cold, which sucks.  I finished my meditation in thirty minutes. I concentrated on getting editing done. I also thought a bit about Continue reading Day 28: Meditation Challenge #DoMagick

Day 21: Meditation Challenge #DoMagick

Woo! What a fantastic day! I’m feeling energized and excited. Tonight’s before bed meditation will be to help me wind down so I can sleep. LOL I started out the morning by doing my thirty-minute meditation and was thrilled when, Continue reading Day 21: Meditation Challenge #DoMagick