Cocky-Tales – Support Creative Expression

My short story, Cocky Habits: A Catholic Chicken-Shifter Romance is part of the limited edition anthology Cocky-Tales: A Multi-Genre Anthology! Cocky Habits (A Catholic Chicken Shifter Romance) is about Father Cochburn, a priest obsessed with his chickens, and his pet Continue reading Cocky-Tales – Support Creative Expression

Audiobooks! #thirteencovens #thriller #audible

I am SO flippin’ excited because my first audiobook is finally available. I decided to start with the Thirteen Covens saga because the story is fantastic. (I love it anyway.)  The entire Thirteen Covens saga is on Kindle Unlimited and Continue reading Audiobooks! #thirteencovens #thriller #audible

Be As the Dead for the Dead Man’s Sake #talktothehand

Dead Man’s Knock – (An OTS Series Short) – Audrey Brice In this OTS short, magician Elizabeth Tanner finds a curious magickal item in an antique store that later brings her visitors in the night. When her boyfriend falls under Continue reading Be As the Dead for the Dead Man’s Sake #talktothehand

Out With the Old, In With The New!

Starting a new project is always a breath of fresh air. It’s especially great when you end one project just before First Rite (to Leviathan) and start another on First Rite. Of course I’ll likely be simultaneously working on DOM359 and Rising Continue reading Out With the Old, In With The New!