Summoning the Muse #DoMagick

Today I’m going to share with you my “Summoning the Muse” ritual that I’ll be performing every day in August as part of the #DoMagick Challenge for August 2018. For those of you who are creatives, I encourage you to join Continue reading Summoning the Muse #DoMagick

Day Twenty-Four: The Sorath Tie-In #DoMagick

Gilded Reverie Lenormand Ring Card

It’s important at this point to discuss the Sorath tie-in to this months #DoMagick. It seems the model, regardless its setting, brings a lot of attention to the magician using it. Not always good attention either. I’ve not changed the model Continue reading Day Twenty-Four: The Sorath Tie-In #DoMagick

Day One: Alchemizing Blocks & Self Cleansing #DoMagick

Research be damned because I know what I need to do this month to alchemize my blocks and self-cleanse. Today’s work: Spend an hour working on something I love (to channel all energy toward the block and break it), do Continue reading Day One: Alchemizing Blocks & Self Cleansing #DoMagick

Research – Key Focus + Sigils #domagick

There are several keywords I’ll be focusing on next month. I’ll be making a sigil for each one. Drawing – New Opportunities + Attention. Acclaim – For existing and forthcoming projects. Inspiration – For new projects. For stability, I’ll be employing Continue reading Research – Key Focus + Sigils #domagick

Banish the Bitch! #magick #banishment #demonolatry

As stated in last month’s post about meditation, people often misunderstand my position on things because they may have only read a single book or two of mine. To fully understand my positions, however, it is often necessary to read my Continue reading Banish the Bitch! #magick #banishment #demonolatry

Day 6: Bathin Offering & Prayers #domagick

I woke at 7, fed the cats, then went into the temple to leave offerings and prayers to Bathin. Today, in offering, I just burnt incense of frankincense and sandalwood. I said a quick prayer. I won’t lie and say Continue reading Day 6: Bathin Offering & Prayers #domagick