Truths About Self-Publishing #writing #indieauthor

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to run across another “old timer” who is under the erroneous assumption that traditionally published = better authors and better quality books. This antiquated idea is still perpetuated by those who make their living, Continue reading Truths About Self-Publishing #writing #indieauthor

When Networking Starts Impeding Progress

My key phrase for the last month has been: Writing the next book is a writer’s first priority.   This weekend, while at lunch with a fellow writing friend, we talked about volunteering for writing associations at which time she Continue reading When Networking Starts Impeding Progress

Biggest Writing Regret – #amwriting #writingadvice

I was talking to a fellow writer earlier today about what a long journey it can be to publication, and how we have to keep going even when things get tough, and it feels like building an audience for your Continue reading Biggest Writing Regret – #amwriting #writingadvice

The Year End Update #writinglife #amwriting #amediting

It’s that time of year again – where I let my readers know where I’m at and how ambitious I’m feeling for the next year. If you’ve been following for some time you know that my ambition is always bigger Continue reading The Year End Update #writinglife #amwriting #amediting

Summer Lull #amediting #amwriting

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of my writing life after surgery. Back in May, during a routine exam, the doctors discovered a large mass growing in my abdomen. It had probably been growing in there the better part Continue reading Summer Lull #amediting #amwriting

Troll-Baiting: Critics, Haters, and Death Threats

Being a public person isn’t always easy. From pretending everything is great all the time, to watching everything you say lest you be attacked for your alleged political agenda, sometimes you just can’t win in the eyes of public opinion. Continue reading Troll-Baiting: Critics, Haters, and Death Threats

While It’s Sometimes a Scam – Sometimes It’s Not

It’s been a few weeks since Brent Underwood’s article What Does it Take to Be an Amazon Bestselling Author?  $3 and 5 Minutes went viral through the writing community. First I want to say that Mr. Underwood makes some fantastic Continue reading While It’s Sometimes a Scam – Sometimes It’s Not

Writing Schedule #RMFW #amwriting #accountability

Inspired by Ms. Management in the RMFW Newsletter, and author Lisa Manifold, fearless newsletter editor and IPAL chairperson, I decided to play along and post my writing schedule. Last year I began writing down my schedule daily whether it be for Continue reading Writing Schedule #RMFW #amwriting #accountability