Occult Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Horror

My books are available through Barnes & Noble (paperback), and Amazon (ebook and paperback). Some ebooks may also available on Kobo and iTunes. Novels and anthologies can be ordered through your favorite local bookseller using the ISBN. Your library should be able to order them, too. Check with your librarian.

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The Ordo Templi Serpentis (OTS) Series also known as the “Darkness” series or Liz Tanner series – (These are supernatural thrillers that have the feel of urban fantasy, and supernatural cozy mystery fused together). It’s kinda like Dresden Files, but with a female lead. Includes Outer Darkness, Into Darkness, Rising Darkness, Ascending Darkness, Within Darkness, (which compiles the novellas Sunny Satan Arizona, Dead Man’s Knock, Rocky Mountain Haunt, and When Good Angels Go Bad). More to come!

Thirteen Covens Saga – (Supernatural Thriller/Horror) Includes A Rising Damp, Temple Apophis, Lucifer’s Haven, Shadow Marbas and more!

Djinn & Bourbon – (Urban Fantasy)


SAMUELAudrey Brice (Horror Short Fiction): The spirit board is just a game, right? That’s what Sarah thought until Laurie brought Samuel into her life. Samuel likes Laurie, but he quickly becomes problematic for Sarah. Can Sarah rid herself of Samuel before he destroys her?  This horror short is based on a true story. This short story is safe for teens and adults.

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The House 3The Danbury Ghost: (A Paranormal Romantic Thriller) When Carrie Martinson, known for flipping houses in six months or less, buys her next project in Danbury Crossing, Connecticut, she had no idea the house was haunted. Nor did she realize that this time, her six month deadline didn’t leave her enough time to run from her past. Can her new neighbor and love interest, Bruce Jericho, keep her safe enough to stop her from running? Or will the ghosts, and a troubled past send her bolting before the house is done?  This is currently in Kindle ebook only. It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


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