Events Calendar

Updated 6/29/2018

2018 Events I’ll be Attending:

  • Colorado Gold Conference – September 6-9, 2018  (Not a public event, except for the Friday Night Book Signing)  Confirmed Workshops: Writing Without Fear and Cultivating the Online Persona (time and days forthcoming) I will also be moderating the IPAL First Sale Panel and heading the annual IPAL Meeting. If you are an author with a question about this event – contact me and I can hook you up with details.

2018 Events I “might” be attending:

  • MileHiCon 2018 – October 26-28. 2018 (October 27th Only?) – I don’t know if I’ll be doing this con this year.


Please note this schedule is subject to change. If you are running a large readers conference and are interested in having me attend your event as a speaker or teacher, please Contact Me. For smaller events with under 100 attendees, including anything esoteric related, please note that I may charge for these events if they are outside Colorado (Denver metro area) or if I hadn’t planned to attend on my own. Only because traveling to conferences that don’t offer a lot of exposure, on my own dime, is generally not worth the money I spend on flight, hotel, etc and it uses up all my vacation time.  However, if your conference is in a great location that I actually WANT to visit –  I might consider packing up the family and making a vacation of it. I will decide this on a case-by-case basis.