Goal Page

If you’ve happened across this page – it’s my personal goal page. A place where I hold myself accountable for all of my goals throughout the year. The point is that I can update this page and share with the world which goals I can cross off and which ones I need to work on. It will also help you see where I’m at.

2017 GOALS (updated 2/24/17)

Current Projects:

  • Inherited Djinn – New Project (2470 words in)
  • The Watch ( 4619 words in)
  • Emily Ever After – (1100 words in – want to finish by April)
  • Eagle’s Talon Gray (36,800 into this book. I want to finish by March 31)
  • Falling From Grace: Outlining
  • Daemonic Prosperity Magick – (15,340 words in – want to finish by March)
  • The Preeminent Curse –  (6100 words in)
  • Illuminated Darkness – (500 words in)
  • Dedication Rite (DONE)
  • Lake of Fire (DONE)

Goals not started on yet:

  • Keeping Kate – (want to have started September)
  • Collaring Amy
  • Her Demon Master
  • Curse of the Flame