Day 29: Merging #domagick

This morning’s ritual was a little different. Today I invoked both Ashtaroth and Bathin and drew them both through me in a meditation that brought the light from both of their sigils into me. I was focusing on being calm and direct for the day since it was my first day back at the day job in six days. I know – for someone who works a part-time (full time by some people’s standards) you would think I wouldn’t need that kind of prep to head into the office, but my day job can be rather stressful. Today it wasn’t. I think I handled it in stride, with plenty of grace. I don’t have to go back until Friday, but Friday should be exhausting. A lot going on. Lots of projects involving numbers. LOL Reminds me of  a story about the time my husband asked me about what I wanted for Yule one year and I was sitting on the couch using one of those old scientific handheld calculators to do my payroll prep. I said, “I want a real adding machine. Ten-key, for here at home.”  He got me one as a joke, but I love the damn thing and use the hell out of it. He still gets a grin on his face everytime he sees me pull it out (which is almost daily).  I’m a math junkie. What can I say? It’s the little things…

Do I feel any different today? A little exhausted, but I feel better after the chakra balancing. Yeah — that needs to happen often. It’s like astral chocolate for my body and brain. It’s like watching hypno-toad.

Today’s Tarot Card: Ace of Swords  – Clarity and understanding. Cutting away the bullshit and knowing what to leave behind and what isn’t serving you going forward. That’s been a big theme this month when it comes to figuring out my self-sabotage triggers and how I can overcome them, and some of that came with a great deal of personal shit. Let’s face it – we all have personal shit. We can either rise above it, or cut it out of our lives, or we can hang onto it and let it hold us back. I still have some shit I will have to let go, and some triggers that will make me start down that road to self-sabotage, but I am recognizing it for what it is now, and stopping and redirecting myself when I see it. Have I been perfect in eliminating self-sabotage permenantly? Hell no. I think this is going to be a work in progress, as all self work is. Maybe by the time I’m in my 70’s or 80’s I’ll stop self-sabotaging on-demand. LOL But until that happens, it will be something I need to be mindful of daily.

Tomorrow is the last day of #domagick for me! It’s a “writing day” so in that spirit I’m going to do another Invocation to Ashtaroth and Bathin, write words, visit with a friend, and who knows – maybe I’ll tackle the glamorous job of laundry. Hey – even magicians have to do laundry. I tried to get my servitors to do it and Fox said, “Are you shitting me? Not my job. Time to patrol the perimeter.”  A job to which he is much more suited. Besides, much like my cats, he does not have opposable thumbs. Where are minions when you need them?


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Steph is a prolific writer and bestselling author of thrilling erotic romances, occult thrillers, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. She also dabbles in romantic and fantasy fiction. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at

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