Flash Fiction: Bones
Ascending Darkness!!!
New Release: Shadow Marbas  #thirteencovens
The Daemonolater’s Guide to: Spirit Keeping, Daemonic Possession, and Daemonic Prayer
Into the Abyss
New Release: Taming Trish!  #bdsm #erotica #eroticfiction #sexy

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Upcoming 2017 Releases:

  • Spring 2017: Eagle’s Talon Gray (Sorcerers’ Twilight) – S. J. Reisner
  • 2017 (Unknown): Emily Ever After (Tribes of Tara) – S. J. Reisner
  • 2017 (Unknown): Falling From Grace (stand-alone) – Anne O’Connell
  • 2017-2018 (Unknown): Illuminated Darkness (OTS #5) – Audrey Brice
  • 2017 (Unknown): Daemonic Prosperity Magick – S. Connolly
  • 2017 (Unknown): The Watch (Thirteen Covens) – Audrey Brice

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